What I am up to

I have been looking around for a few weeks now on how to start making my platform for my writing. This is a test, and may or may not work out, but its a start. I am also looking into finding a place to host my website, that is a easy to setup and has a quality layout. I could try to find someone to help but that is a lot of work, with work, writing, and wife time.

As far as writing goes, I have four projects going on right now. My newest being HaLO, then theres Ygg, A Paladin’s Convition, and Soul Armor. All of which are progressing, but not as fast as I would like. I have been distracted with reading and other forms of entertainment. I also look at entertainment and books mostly as a form of bettering my writing, well, as long as I am thinking about the characters and how certain things did and didn’t work.

But that is all for now, I may get back on here or may not, but for now, see ya later.